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Introducing Guylou's Inimitability DT Members

I recently had a DT call to add three new members to my Design Team. Today I would like to officially introduce them to you and re-introduce the current DT members. These are totally awesome and talented ladies and I am so happy they are on my team!! :)


From: The Hague in The Netherlands
Blog: Piece of Paper
Favorite things: Ice cream, design paper and my kids. 
Favorite colour: Pink 

Why do you like to use digistamps?
I have been making cards for some years now using all kinds of images. The digi images are handy because they are resizable. It is possible to adjust the size to any size of card. Because of the versatility I like to use digi images.

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
My favorite image must be Florence. I could make a card of her every week. I don't hate doing the laundry. As a matter of fact I love the smell of detergent in the house when I hang the clothes to dry. It is just the amount of laundry I have to process in a week.

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
I think I look like Jennifer Lopez (writing this down is so much fun because I'm confronted with a big wishfull thinking). Don't ask why but I know one thing she wares her hair in a tale and so do I.

From: Tucson, AZ
Blog: It's All About Crafting!
Favorite things: Couple of ways to look at this question..going to San Diego, hanging watching baseball with my husband and crafting in my room! Or the smell of the ocean, the smell of fresh cut grass, the feel of cool, clean sheets
Favorite colour: Pink unless I am feeling BLUE!  

Why do you like to use digistamps?
I like digital images because you are not stuck with the stamp. You can change size, flip it, mirror it, and make it yours. Whereas with a rubber stamp that's it; you can color it different but if you need something bigger or smaller your stuck! You can also layer your digis easier than you can with a rubber stamp and build scenes with a touch of a finger on a keyboard!

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
My favorite GI digi would have to be Sophie. She is so cute and can have her look mean different things...I'm sitting here waiting for you, I'm bored, whatcha doing?; so for me she is my favorite.

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
HMMM I don't think I look like anyone famous. Someone told me I look like a dark haired Anna Paquin..I don't see it. I would have to say I look like Ally Sheedy in her heyday! The whole St Elmos Fire and Breakfast Club. That's probably the closest!

From: Stone Mountain, GA
Blog: Trina Makes Stuff  
Favorite things: chocolate, napping, and reading
Favorite colour: I wear blue and purple a lot, so I guess (?) they're my favs.

Why do you like to use digistamps?
I like using digis for a few reasons. One, my crafting space is a mess. With a digi, I don't have to cram it into a drawer, on a shelf, or in a binder. I don't need any space for them because they live in my computer! Two, I can crop and resize them at will while still being able to do all the things I can do with rubber and clear stamps. Plus, it's a lot easier for me to join digis to make a scene if I want. Three, I'm fairly close to broke, and I can buy two or three digis for the price of a small rubber stamp.

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
My current favorite digi is Gabrielle. I just love the happiness on her face while she prays!

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
I can't say that I look like anyone, but when I was younger (and much skinnier), people would say Left Eye from TLC. Then when I was a bit older (and still skinnier than now), I had some students who swore I looked like Taraji P. Henson. And when I have my big hair out, people say Jill Scott, but I know that's only for the hair...


From: Houston, TX
Blog: Present Storm
Favorite things: God, My family, Crafting
Favorite colour: ORANGE!!!! ORANGE!!! ORANGE!!! :)

Why do you like to use digistamps?
I like to create with digi's because first and foremost I like instant gratification... That means I can find a digi I love, buy it, print it out and start creating immediately. I never have to leave the house. That and the fact that I can size them to what I need for my project. Lastly, they are budget friendly.

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
This is way too hard... to narrow it down to just one is kind of impossible. That and as soon as I name a fav, you will create something that will become my
new fav. I will be good and play along though, and go with the fence with pumpkins, or pumpkin with wheelbarrow. Anyone that knows me... knows I LOVE all things pumpkin.
So I was so very thrilled when you drew these. I love that they can be used alone or with a variety of different other digi or rubber stamps. The possibilities are endless.

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
I have been told on a few occasions, Kirstie Alley... but when I do the face recognition thing on the net, it says Christina Ricci.

From: Glen Burnie, MD
Blog: Gina Speak
Favorite things: crafting, shopping, reading. I could name many more!
Favorite colour: Pink is the best color in the whole world, no matter what mood I'm in!

Why do you like to use digistamps?
Digis are a great medium, like Carmen said, because you can resize them to suit any project. You can still do things with them like you'd do with traditional stamps - coloring, paper piecing, and layering images. They're fun to shop for and often cost less than rubber or acrylic stamps, and can be used often!.

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
I have a hard time picking a fave. Of the older images, I still love cottage cat. A more recent fave would be Brenda. And not just because I love the chick who inspired it, but because the image rocks.

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
Holy cow, I don't look like any celebrities. I'd feel sorry for them if they had my big nose. Sheesh. However, one of the security guards at work used to call me JLo because of my butt. He said it's cute and round like hers. I say that sucker is just huge, but whatev.

From: Lebanon, OR
Blog: Brenscraps
Favorite things: Coffee! Might as well give me an IV! Chocolate, another IV will work!! and my family!
Favorite Colour: Pink, and then red!

Why do you like to use digistamps?

Digistamps are awesome because you can make them any size that you want them! They generally cost less than rubber and easier to store. IE: they don't get lost on your desk or in your drawers, just your computer!!!

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
Hmmmm, can you guess which is my favorite stamp? Brenda of course!!! She is me in a nutshell, I love coffee!

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
I cannot think of a star that I have ever been compared to, nor do I think I look like. Although, my hubby and I sometimes compare ourselves to everybody loves Raymond and his wife!!

From: Pennsylvania
Gallery: Danielle S
Favorite things: God,family,& music!
Favorite Colour: Green!!!!

Why do you like to use digistamps?
I love digi's because they are so versatile and a lot easier to store. They take up no space.

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
My fav digi is Chuck,love him & his cute lil self. I have 3 boys so I like to see images once in awhile w/boys & his lil cowboy get up is adorable.

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
Hmmmm can't think of anyone,although when my hair was blonde I had an older gentleman stop me in the store to say I looked like LeAnn Rimes. I didn't see it,but whatev.

Dale (a.k.a The Queen)
From: Westminster, SC
Gallery: Willa
Favorite things: Scrapping / cardmaking, music / singing, reading
Favorite Colour: Red

Why do you like to use digistamps?
I,like all of you, love digi images' versatility. You can resize and Crop to your need/desire. It's also great that they take up little storage space.

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
Hmmmm...of course my favorite GI image would have to be Emma since she was created after my grand daughter. She is just perfect!!

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
I don't think I look like anyone famous although DH has told me I have some facial features of Lynda Carter (wonder woman)...but I sho don't see it. LOL I guess when I am wearing my crown you could say I look like the Queen. LOL

From: Toronto, ON
Blog: Guylou's Oh La La
Favorite things: Reading, Crafting, Travelling
Favorite Colour: Pink, pink and more pink

Why do you like to use digistamps?
Digis were the best invention since four hole buttons!! I love working with digis because I can resize them or merge them with other images. And the cherry on the top of the sundae is that they don't take space at all!!

Which is your favorite Guylou's Inimitability digistamp and why?
Since I designed them; it would be difficult to choose one in particular, but for the sake of choosing one, I would say that my favorite digi is... wait.. it is coming... just a few more waiting... Cowboy Chuck closely followed by Gertrude.... but wait a minute there is also Leah and the Christmas mouse and the Cottage Cat... Oh my!!! I love them all!!!!

To which celebrity to you think you look like?
Oh that one is easy... I look exactly like Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter). You should see me in my Wonder Woman custume; you would not be able to know who is who! LOL!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. WOW, stunning DT members and it was so great to get to know them better!! Kim, so nice to see that pretty face for the 1st time!!
    Congrats everybody and i just know you will have a blast working together.................:)))
    Lotsa luv
    Theresa aka Tee

  2. This is wonderful G...what a great way for us to get to know the DT all at once! And I can so totally see you as Wonderwoman...except you don't wear the costume that almost "over exposes"...or do you? lol ;)

  3. LOL That was fun G! I love looking at everyone's look alike..lol
    Also it was fun to see how we all had a different fav digi.

  4. This is a wonderful introduction Guylou, I love it!! So fun!!

  5. Thanks G! Great to read about every one! Looking forward to working with everyone!

  6. How awesome! Everyone's cards look great, and I know we're going to have a great time together!

  7. Now that I'm home and can see all of the pics, all I can say is that G is hilarious! Gina talked about her rump being JLo-esque and G found a pic with booty!